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South of France & Provence

4 nights
3 tours
from EUR 4'120


Exciting itineraries

Your driving journey starts in fabulous Cannes, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. With three full days of driving planned, the itinerary will take you the beautiful Parc du Verdon, the Maritimes Alps (including sections of road used for the Monte Carlo rally), as well as the Provence region of southern France. For you Formula 1 fans, one of the driving days will end in the very same streets on which the Monte Carlo Grand Prix is hosted.

Unspoiled panoramas

Each of the regions you will be visiting in this tour are unique in terms what there is to be seen yet all propose mesmerizing views and panoramas. The variety of different sceneries on this tour is unparalleled, from sea-side roads to mountain passes, as well as exciting sweeping trails. This itinerary is sure to surprise you with natural beauty at every turn.

Ultimate relaxation

Each night during the tour is spent in a different hotel. With a mix of four- and five-star hotels. Comfort will note be a problem. Feel free to ask us more about the accommodation, we are happy to assist you with your perfect tour!

Additional Info

Let us know where you want to drive (Swiss Alps, Burgundy, German Black Forest, South of France), when you want to drive, and we will come back to you with some options and ideas to make your group event a success! To find out more, please use the contact form below.

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