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Why gold?

Gold is an investment as solid as real estate and as liquid as cash. Gold is a safe asset that has accompanied humanity since the dawn of mankind and is the ideal instrument for safe, profitable and long-term investments. A further advantage of investing in gold is the VAT exemption on the purchase.

Unique features

The unique features of investing in gold are stability, liquidity and profitability. No other form of investment guarantees a similar protection of savings.

Protection from risk

Gold is an excellent instrument of diversification of the portfolio. Its price is determined by the London Stock Exchange (LMBA), which leads to no risk.

Custom Solutions

Custom formulas of investment in gold ingots of assorted sizes.

Technical Details

Professional Service

Our expert and qualified consultants listen to Customers and analyze their needs to find the most convenient solution and to guarantee their full satisfaction and tranquility.

Safekeeping Services

All gold ingots treasured in our vault are insured with a major Swiss insurance company, with transfer of compensation rights to the Customers.

The ownership of the deposit is attested by a custody certificate entitled to the Customer.

Customized Services

The company enters into customized contracts with every single Customer, providing, upon demand, with repurchase agreements and postponed deliveries of gold.

Services for Asset Managers

To asset managers and family offices we can provide financial instruments with underlying physical gold.

Maximum Security and Privacy

Custody service in safety deposit boxes within the vault at our headquarters.

Access to Customers is permitted by appointment, respecting the privacy and maximum security.

Regulated Company

Balances and procedures are certified by external financial audits and by the regulatory authorities of Switzerland.

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