The Lauro & Partners philosophy believes there is no    ready-made solutions: every situation is analyzed by thinking that rigorous study of the present allows to view a future that is already implicitly traced.

Herein lies the advantage of combining a single subject with the thoroughness of a professional range which can support the client for every requirement: international tax, contracts, insurance at all levels and business development focused on the most attractive markets.

We support clients at every stage of growth and development of International business, with particular attention to the fast growing countries.

Thanks to modern and efficient integrated services we can  support companies to open new markets.


Lauro & Partners strategy applies intensive management skills, world-class entrepreneurial thinking, value-added solutions to help ambitions people with innovative projects to succeed. We also support them through synergies from an unique and constantly expanding network of worldwide relationships.


Thanks to our integrated platform  we can provide a successful long term marketing strategy.

Our skilled team will support you in order to overcome your marketing target.

Real Estate

With our team of Engineers and Architects with a long International expertise, we provide a wide range of technical services which can support you in  your real estate deal: investment, disinvestment,strategic project, interior design, execution.