We brought together a team of “luxury experts” to recommend you the very best in luxury hospitality, fine cuisine, interior design, art, and luxury experiences worldwide. We select our partners according to quality criteria that allow us to offer you a safe, reliable and ultimately excellent network.


Art as a universal language, expression of beauty, interior research. We present our favorite art galleries, the most interesting ones that offer a memorable experience through the choice of the artists and of the artworks


The art of interior design. Our idea of luxury includes the work of those uniquely talented artisans who don’t need words in order to show their ability to create exclusive and excellent products. Take a look and choose your favourite!


Our partners will provide bespoke insurance service which will challenge your expectations of insurances by delivering tailor made solutions.


Our partner focuses on particular people and on their demand for premium health advice, health support, and health care.


Luxury toys a dream for few… Our selection of desirable and desired objects, yachts, jets, watches, cars that possess unique details that express the passion for beauty and uniqueness. Trends and tradition a way to be.


The highest standards of hospitality and service. We have discovered invaluable treasures just for you: enchanting palaces, captivating hotels and incredible resorts that will take your breath away. In these exclusive locations, you will make unforgettable memories and have the chance to experience everything that Excellence Collections can offer you.


Never-ending passion for the art of gastronomy. Our selected restaurants combine extraordinarily talented chefs, a deep passion for the art of cuisine, a love for local products and a strong sense of tradition. The chefs’ skills and expertise, paired with the unique atmosphere of their restaurants, offer a truly incredible experience.