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Date of entry into force: 20 April 2022

What are cookies?

A cookie is a little text file containing a certain amount of information exchanged between an internet site and your terminal (usually through a browser) and is normally used by an internet service provider to store the information required to improve navigation within the website or to send advertising messages in line with the preferences displayed by the user while navigating the internet. When that site is visited again, or any other site, the user’s device checks for the presence of a known cookie in order to be able to read the information contained within it. The different cookies contain different information and are used for different purposes (efficient navigation of the pages of the same site, profiling for the purposes of sending targeted promotional messages, analysis of the number of visits to the site). During navigation, users may also receive on their terminal cookies sent by other sites or web servers (so-called third parties), which may contain certain elements (for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to the pages of other domains) present on the site that the user is visiting. 
 More generally, some cookies (defined as session cookies) are assigned to the user’s device only for the duration of access to the site and expire automatically on the closure of the browser. Other cookies ( called persistent cookies) remain in the device for an extended period of time. The specific purposes of the various types of cookies installed on this site are described below. You can deactivate cookies by following the instructions given below.

Features and purposes of the cookies installed by the site

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change your browser’s settings so that you are notified when cookies are sent and can then reject them. You can also delete cookies that have already been installed on your device. If you wish to limit or block the cookies of your browser that have already been installed on your device, you can do so through the browser’s settings: the “Settings” function should tell you how to do this. For further information about cookies and how to manage them, you can visit , which contains detailed information on how to deal with various types of browser. Deactivating cookies may cause the loss of some functions of the site.

How do we use cookies?

The information required to identify the cookies installed, their function and duration on your device is given below.

Technical cookies

This type of cookie enables the proper functioning of some sections of the Site. There are two categories: persistent and session cookies.

– persistent: once the browser is closed, they are not destroyed but remain until a preset expiry date;

– session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed.

These cookies, always sent by our domain, are required to correctly display the site and with regard to the technical services. They will therefore always be used and sent, unless users change the settings in their browser (thereby affecting the display of the site’s pages).

Analytical cookies

The cookies in this category are used to collect information on the use of the site. Beyond.Luxury Sagl will use this information for anonymous statistical analyses in order to improve the use of the Site and in order to make the content more interesting and fulfil the wishes of the user. These cookies collect data on the activities of the users in anonymous form and how they got to the Site. Analytical cookies are sent by the Site or by third-party domains.

Services analysis cookies of third parties

These cookies are used for the purpose of collecting information on the use of the Site by the users in anonymous form, such as: pages visited, duration of visit, origins of the traffic, geographical provenance, age, gender and interests for the purposes of marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent by external third-party domains.

Cookies for the integration of the products and software functions of third parties

This type of cookie integrates functions developed by third parties within the pages of the Site, such as the icons and preferences expressed on the social networks for the purpose of sharing the contents of the site or for the use of the software services of third parties (such as the software to generate maps and other software applications that offer additional services). These cookies are sent by third-party domains and partner sites that offer their functions on the pages of the Site.

Profiling cookies

These cookies are required to create user profiles for the purpose of sending advertising messages in line with the preferences displayed by the user within the pages of the Site.

Third-party websites and services

The Site may contain links to other websites that have their own privacy policy, which may be different to the one adopted by Beyond.Luxury, which cannot therefore answer for these sites.

List of cookies used by Beyond.Luxury

System cookies

This website uses cookies to provide a better browsing experience. These cookies are essential for the proper use of the site. You can disable these cookies from your browser by following the instructions in the dedicated paragraph, but you will compromise your experience on the site and we cannot respond to malfunction

Google Analytics

These cookies provide statistics for your website traffic. Google Analytics uses cookies that do not store personal data and are deposited on the user’s computer that allow the website to analyze how the user utilizes the website.


These first-party persistent or non-persistent and tracking cookies are used to provide a better browsing experience, offering personalized services on this website and other multimedia tools.

Youtube cookies

These are third-party cookies placed when the user accesses a Youtube video. Websites often gather information on how users interact with website content. This information could be used to identify the websites most visited by users and any error messages received from web pages.

Facebook Remarketing

The site uses facebook remarketing for remarketing activities. This is a service offered by Facebook Inc., which involves the installation of cookies and pixels used to propose advertisements more relevant to the user’s interests. These tools are used by Beyond.Luxury for remarketing activities.

Information about cookies

Information on the cookies placed by Google Analytics is available at the following link:
Information on the cookies placed by Hubspot is available at the following link:
Information on the cookies placed by Youtube is available at the following link:
Information relating to cookies released by Facebook are available at the following link:
Information on the cookies placed by Vimeo is available at the following link:

How to give or revoke consent

In accordance with the current regulations, Sagl is not obliged to ask consent for technical and analytical cookies, since they are required to provide the services requested. For all the other types of cookies, consent can be expressed by the User through one or more of the following methods:

– By means of specific configurations of the browser used or the respective computer programmes used to navigate the pages that make up the Site.

– By means of changing the settings in the use of third-party services

Both methods could prevent the user from using or displaying parts of the Site. Consent to the use of cookies is initially given, on the appearance of the popup message, by continuing to navigate our site, and can be revoked at any time using the above mentioned methods.

How to disable cookies by configuring the browser

If you wish to know more about the methods by which your browser stores cookies during navigation, we invite you to follow these links on the sites of the respective suppliers.

– Mozilla Firefox

– Google Chrome

– Internet Explorer

– Safari 6/7 Mavericks

– Safari 8 Yosemite

– Safari on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Your rights and the Data Supervisors

We remind you that you have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data concerning you and to know the content and origin thereof, verify its exactness, or request the supplementing, updating or correction of such data.

You also have the right to request the deletion, conversion into anonymous form or blockage of data processed in breach of the law and, in any case, to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of such data. Requests should be made via e-mail, to our Privacy Officer:

For further information on the processing of personal data by please consult the Privacy Policy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]